BJJ Kangeiko – PNO – Savate and dream jiu jitsu tournament

This weekend we where full of activities, we had two events this friday, one in the Sampa bjj Walnut Location and another one at Sampa BJJ Glendora Location. In Walnut we had our First ever PNO (parents night out) where parents leave their kids with us for a couple of hours and go out to enjoy a nice dinner worry free because the kids are with us.

in Glendora we had our First Savate Seminar – held by the famous Coach Nicolas Saignac. Many coaches came to learn from him and to learn a different perspective of stand up/ strike fighting. It was very valuable information and the coaches had a blast.

Kangeiko Training

This past weekend, we held our Kangeiko Training, or Winter Training Camp for adults.

In Japan, Kangeiko training is seen through many types of martial arts as a way to increase focus and discipline.

There, students start training very early in the morning in the cold and have to push their way through the cold and discomfort.

Our Kangeiko training was held at our Glendora location and went from 5:30 am to 8:30 am. Students showed to the cold gym in the morning, ran on the streets to warm up, and began training.

During our 3 hours session, students focused on Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Sparring. Such a long training session is typical of Kangeiko Training because by the end, the students are exhausted and being forced to push through their desire to quit.

Our students did great during the two days of training and loved our Kangeiko Training Sessions. If you would like to work on your mental discipline and focus and would like to try our Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Fitness classes in the Walnut, Glendora, Diamond Bar, West Covina, and Azusa areas, you can join us in Walnut by calling (909) 444-9944 or in Glendora at (626) 335-4971.

Our Kids Kangeiko will be this weekend starting Friday 2/16 and going all the way until Saturday  8 am. Don’t forget to register your child to this amazing boost of confidence and discipline workout.

Also This weekend we have some of our students competing at the Dream Jiu Jitsu youth tournament. It was great to see them as team and working hard to accomplish their victories. This time it was great because everyone of the students placed.  Check out the Pictures below.

Huge congrats top those litt;e warriors and to their parents for the effort.