Eligibility not Entitlement

I decided to write this article to explain the belt systems and stripes acquisition at Sampa jiu jitsu so everyone is at the same page

The first couple of belts in our school it is not too hard to conquer, in fact it is more about showing up. Actually there is a saying: “99% of success is about showing up”.

Later of course when kids and adults evolve to their 3rd belt level we as coaches require more responsibility as an athlete, more performance and legitimacy for subsequent belts.

To make it clear every time a student receives a stripe he or she must spend some time in that stripe until receive the next one.
Only four stripes are rewarded in each belt so after the fourth stripe a student must again respect the grace period in that stripe and them wait for the next belt.

But it is appropriate now to say that even when the grace period is up, it is still up to the coach and the school board to decided if that child is legit to the next belt.
in another words, after the grace period in the fourth stripe the child is eligible to receive the next belt but not entitled.

Our concern is not only to water down our program but also not beat up our kids confidence. We want our kids to work hard for what they want and instil hard work ethics on everything they put their time into.
And that is why in BJJ we do not allow kids to have a black belt, because it requires a huge maturity process and sense of responsibilities that kids many times do not have.

Prof. Renato
Sampa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu