Promos and Events at Sampa BJJ. March and February

We have three special promos coming up and one of them might be good for you.

Since February is the valentine’s month we made a promo where two
can train for the price of one! Yes two of you can take advantage of our
regular promo 8 weeks for $88 and it does not necessary needs to be two


In February we will start our enrolling students to our summer
camp. Summer camp will be $177 per week full day (Plus $20 per week
field trip). with $100 registration fee. (Includes 2 shirts and extra

Whoever those who sign up before March 15th.


Will pay $167 per week (must make a non refundable deposit of $25 per week to get that price).

We will offer 6 to 8 weeks of summer camp depending on the demand. Please reply to this email for more info.

Also March 16th to March 18th we will be organizing our second jiu jitsu camp in Lake Arrowhead. Sampa students will enjoy an especial price of $199 that includes training accommodation and food.


It is important to note that anyone not from sampa jiu jitsu will
be paying $350. Please reply to this email for more info and to save
your spot.

Also lookout for the special events we are hosting at Sampa Starting with the Man who is in Charge to teach the POPE security in the Vatican.

He is specialized in anti terrorism and many other forms of combat figths like knifes. You should not miss it.


Also Prof. Renato’s Professor will be coming to Sampa BJJ after many years leaving in Brazil then some years in Abu Dhabi he is in United States now, Florida.

But at the time of the Pan-American IBJJF tournament in March he will be in town and we stop by Sampa BJJ for a workshop. Prof. Gordo is also known for being the inventor of the half Guard.