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Sampa BJJ Academy Last Week’s Activities

Sampa BJJ Academy Last Week’s Activities

Last week was really full of activities at the Sampa BJJ. We had many things going over here.

First of all, we want to announce that we are about to get closer to our goal of fundraising for Mr. Richard Nogueria to sponsor him in upcoming worlds competitions. We are very happy that our efforts to get people to donate or raise 1200 $ for him really doing great. We are hoping for the best to get him back here at Sampa BJJ so that he stays close to us for at least 3 months.

As far as our events or activities are concerned, we were very busy in the last week.

Our week started with the boy scouts meeting and our professor Renato got a chance to go there and make presentations about BJJ which is really a tricky task because BJJ is a ground fighting and people usually don’t want to wrestle on the floor and they don’t want to fight and falling hard on the floor and its really hard to carry mats with yourself wherever you go and do the presentation. But this time Krate school makes it easier for us to make a presentation. In this presentation, professor Renato very beautifully explains the concept of BJJ that how a littler and weaker individual can defend him against a greater individual by utilizing appropriate strategy, leverage, and taking the battle to the ground. It was really a great meeting & there was so much to learn.

After this meeting Professor Renato again started his training with the stunt at 87eleven- Action Design –which is a gym, stunt-choreography studio and a one-stop shop for blockbuster fighting sequences. They have been in the stunt industry for over 50 years and using their diverse knowledge and skills to provide a comprehensive approach to action design. This is a great opportunity for professor Renato to know how to fall and do the choreography right. Professor Renato is very happy to be there teaching Jiu-Jitsu and judo and showing the kids a link in between the fun part of learning martial arts and actually learning the martial art. They are doing something that might not be real or useful in real life, but they are still practicing some exercises. Its disguise repetition and they all are having fun. Maybe one day they able to become a movie star or a stunt.

While professor Renato was there training with 87eleven, we were having a lot more going over here at Sampa BJJ. We organize a special mother’s day class on May 6th here at Sampa in Glendora as well as Walnut locations to celebrate the mothers day. In this class, mothers joined their kids over the mat and have trained with them. It was really a great class for kids as well for their mothers to have a unique bonding experience.

On the same day, we had our first hiking day for our fitness program. Students woke up early at 7:00 am in the morning. It was a very beautiful cloudy day. We went to Corbin trail and did a very nice hiking and took a nice good picture there. It was a great place to spend some time in nature. The trails there was pretty easy to follow. It leads us to some absolutely astonishing views. It was a great hiking day out there.

So, we are on a go. Here at Sampa BJJ Academy, we don’t want to stop here. We want to create the best experience for you while you are learning self-defense and getting fit and healthy.

Join Sampa BJJ Academy to learn BJJ, Judo, and other martial arts so that you have a healthy lifestyle and can live longer, stay longer for your children or grandchildren.

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