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Sampa Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling Camp – 2017 Walnut Ca

Dear Parents,

Summer is approaching soon and with that our Summer Camp.

This Year will be 2 weeks in June (5-9) and (12-16) one in July (31-8/4) and August (7-11). We will not do the whole summer like before, also we will focus on the Martial Arts not much babysitting.

We do make a couple of adjustments during the first week but after the first three days, we are all set and ready to roll.

Many parents are asking me about the schedule of the activities, what they do once they get here, when classes are held etc, etc.

We are writing now a tentative schedule but we reserve the right to change it as we need in order to evolve. Yes we change it sometimes according to the kids motivation level, tiredness or boredom.

Here we go:

9:30 starts the first Class. Please try to arrive a bit earlier, we will start the wrestling class that will have a break each 45 min. First part is coordination, strength, agility and speed, obstacle course. This session finishes 10:15 am.

They will have a snack/break.

10:30 am another session starts and this is an specific class focus on break falls and throws and will end on 11:00 am. The last session starts 11:15 am and will be turn overs, defense from bottom and sparring.

At 12 pm will leave at this time, Please make sure you bring water or Money for water and it is imperative to bring snacks as the kids will get hungry and sharing will not be allowed due to allergies and we do not provide food, neither snacks.

Thank You

Sampa Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling Camp.