The Connection of Facts that Happened last April to Sanda Training this December

A while Back In April 2017,  at Sampa BJJ we were very busy and at the same period professor Renato had to travel to  Brazil for an emergency. And we were happy that our staff can handle the school without him. Our Sampa BJJ Academy has now become a school that does not depend solely on one person.

Here at Sampa BJJ, we have the best & the most capable people in charge of many different programs that can guide the kids to success & greatness like Coach Ruel is the in charge of Muay Thai, coach Alex is the in charge of the juniors, coach Bob is the in charge of the pee wees, professor Prof. Nathan in charge of overseeing all the program on a daily basis. It is really very nice to see how in just a 6 years the school has matured.

So as our professor Renato was in Brazil, he took advantage and taught a seminar over there at our newest affiliated school called the Top Fusion Martial Art Center. Top Fusion is a school where they mainly teach a style Kung Fu called Sanda or Sanshou, where Sifu Mateus Caitano, a very knowledgeable guy teacher and also a Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu and has been training under Sampa over six years.

We are now very happy to, not only doing seminars over there, but also guiding them to the knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

It is a very funny coincidence as here in the Walnut location we have many immigrants and descendants from China that are taking advantage of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and soon can take advantage of Sanda when we Bring Sifu Mateus Caitano here to share his knowledge in this beautiful art also known as Chinese Boxing.

Prof. Renato many times when in Brazil, Ribeirao Preto, take Sanda – Chinese Boxing classes for his on personal development, physical and mental training.

And this past December could not be any different, Prof. Renato took many classes in Sanda in order to get fit and prepared to his trip to Thailand.

We are now in a process of many changes in our striking program so our coaches are traveling around and outside of the country and talking to the experts in the field in order to make the best changes in our striking/kickboxing/Muay Thai program.

Our staff will be visiting top schools of striking in Thailand, Japan, Switzerland, France, Holland. Stay tuned to the changes to our striking program we will have an amazing system ready for you in a couple of months.

In the next articles please read the professor’s  experience training Muay Thai in Thailand.

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