Yoga Classes Soon at Sampa BJJ

Yoga and Martial Arts

Yoga and Martial Arts seem to be on the complete opposite spectrum of physical activity. People look at Yoga and think of calmness, serenity, passiveness, gentleness, and quiet. On the other hand, when people think of martial arts, they think of aggressiveness, violence, loudness, and hostility. However, when you really understand both arts, you will see that they both have a lot in common:  Both arts require focus, balance, core strength, proper breath, flexibility, and body awareness. While many other sports also have this similar focus, Yoga is one of the best supplemental types of fitness to martial arts.

One of the very first lessons learned in martial arts is how to breathe properly, especially during a sparring session. If a student does not know how to breathe properly, they tire themselves out, lose focus, and do not move efficiently, which could be disastrous when going up against someone who does know how to breathe properly. In yoga, the breath controls how deep each movement goes and proper breath and core control allows the practitioner to hold difficult positions. If a student learns how to breathe properly in yoga, they can transfer this knowledge to their martial arts practice.

Flexibility is another very important skill that is needed in both practices and the deep, static flexibility developed in yoga translates very well to the dynamic flexibility needed in martial arts. Finally, balance and body awareness are extremely important in martial arts because it allows the student to strike, roll, and move in a controlled way. Yoga develops both of these traits by forcing students to actively focus on balance and body awareness.

We are at the moment interviewing coaches that can come to Sampa and teach yoga classes so stay tuned!!

Prof. Renato just had an amazing Yoga experience training every morning in Thailand prior to his Muay Thai and BJJ workout routine.

Try incorporating Yoga into your fitness routine and see how much you improve in your martial art! Yoga can be a great supplement to your Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Fitness classes. At these classes, you’ll be able to meet local people from the Walnut, Glendora, Diamond Bar, West Covina, and Azusa areas that all want to improve themselves too! If you are interested in joining our Sampa Family to improve your health, confidence, and fitness, you can join us in Walnut by calling (909) 444-9944 or in Glendora at (626) 335-4971.